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Employment, Industrial and OH&S


We have practitioners vastly experienced in all areas relating to employment and industrial law.

The services we provide span the pre-employment process, through all issues that arise out of employment, through to termination and redundancy. We also assist with all ancillary employment matters, including managing employee complaints, absence, OH&S and representation in matters that reach the Fair Work Commission, Courts or Tribunals.

We act for a range of large Corporate employers, Public Transport Providers, a Statutory Authority, Not-For-Profit Organisations, as well as small and medium enterprises.

We seek to assist our employer clients manage the many issues that are presented by the highly regulated framework that exists for employing people in this country, from the more straightforward issues to those involving a greater understanding and high degree of complexity.

We also provide advice and assistance to employees.

Services which we provide in this area include:

  • Pre-employment Advice;
  • Advice on employment contracts and drafting;
  • Assistance with Enterprise bargaining;
  • All types of Industrial Disputes, including protected and unprotected industrial action;
  • Support for employers embarking on or progressing with disciplinary and counselling issues, and responding to grievances and complaints;
  • Advice on termination and redundancy, strategies and implementation;
  • Responses to, and defence of Unfair Dismissal Claims, General Protections Disputes, Discrimination Claims, Bullying Complaints, and Enterprise Bargaining Disputes;
  • Appearance work at Fair Work Australia, Federal Court and all State Courts across Australia;
  • Workplace investigation and training;
  • Whistleblower complaints and investigations by the Workplace Ombudsman;
  • OH&S matters, Worksafe prosecutions, and the role of Health and Safety Representatives;
  • The relationship between Workers’ Compensation matters and employment;
  • Insurance issues associated with Employment Practices Claims;
  • Advice on Restraint of Trade.

Some example of Recent Experience in this area:

  • Acting in a major Worksafe prosecution arising from a workplace death;
  • Acting in proceedings challenging Worksafe Determination in respect of issued Provisional Improvement Notices;
  • Finalising and resolving a complex multi-party Enterprise Agreement;
  • Appearing in the Fair Work Commission to avert major transport industrial action;
  • Appearing in the Fair Work Commission in contested Bullying complaints;
  • Appearing in Federal Court for a significant discrimination complaint;
  • Acting in a major appeal of a General Protections decision;
  • Acting in a contested matter regarding Enterprise Agreement interpretation;
  • Assisting in the management of strategies to manage workers’ compensation absence;
  • Acting in a contested matter relating to interaction between state law and the Fair Work Act;
  • Acted in a major restraint of trade case in the Victorian Supreme Court (and on appeal).

Specialised Lawyers: