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Owners Corporation


The Owners Corporation team act as a ‘full-service’ area for the Owners Corporation industry.

The Owners Corporation team act as a ‘full-service’ area for the Owners Corporation industry. We act for a range of participants in the Owners Corporation industry, including: Owners Corporations made up apartments, townhouses, commercial lots as well as housing and industrial estates, Managers of Owners Corporations, Developers and other stakeholders to the industry such as builders, facility maintenance providers and embedded network operators and providers.

The key to the resolution of any Owners Corporation dispute in our experience is proactively addressing the issue causing the problem. It is always our goal to start with where you want to end up and work backwards so that we know as soon as possible as to whether your goal can be delivered on.

Services we provide in this area include:

  • assisting Owners Corporation to discharge their ongoing statutory obligations to repair and maintain the common property, especially when that common property is a pool, business centre that not everyone uses;
  • rectification of commercial and domestic building defects, including responding to building notices for cladding and fire safety issues;
  • performance management of managers for Owners Corporations and the new appointment of new and better suited managers for Owners Corporations;
  • advising on the ‘who benefits more pays more’ principle in new and old buildings, especially when it comes to the replacement of significant assets like lifts and roofs;
  • dealing with conflicts of interest and or potential defamatory allegations against individual Committee members when lot owners disagree with a decision of the Committee;
  • the employment of residential or external building managers or appointment of independent contractors for such services; and
  • fast and cost efficient debt recovery.

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